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We hope to offer our clients some Christmas treats and would welcome donations of:


Mince pies  (boxes of 6, in date for 25th December please)

Christmas pudding or festive cake

Small box of chocolates

Festive biscuits (eg shortbread)

Savoury crackers

Small box of breadsticks


Jam or chutney

Tinned ham

Tinned fruit

Small pack of nuts or raisins

Hot chocolate

Christmas crackers







We always need the following:


Instant coffee


Tinned fish

Toilet paper

Washing-up liquid

Laundry detergent

Shampoo/conditioner/shower gel

Long life milk (semi or full)

Dog and cat food

We currently have no shortage of sanitary products.

Please note that following advice from the NHS, we do not accept donations of baby milk, but other baby supplies such as wipes, nappies  and solid food for weaning are always welcome.

Regular and one-off cash donations enable us to provide fresh fruit, vegetables, fresh meat and dairy products. The Food Bank is run entirely by volunteers and all donations go direct to the charity.

Thank you for helping us to continue to provide fresh, healthy food.

For cash donations please use the button below

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