To provide a safe environment for clients and volunteers.


The Trustees of the Alnwick District Food Bank have produced a comprehensive Covid-19 Policy that clearly lays out the risks, and procedures to be followed.  The list below highlights key areas of that Policy.


Deliveries: Anyone making a delivery can park in the car park outside the Food Bank.  If prior notice is given volunteers will position a trolley outside into which the donation can be put.  This can then be left by the door.  A volunteer will then take the trolley and move the donation into the Food Bank.  If no notice is given please get the attention of a volunteer by standing just inside the door.  The same procedures will then be followed.  If the weather is poor then trolleys will be left just inside the door. You will be asked for a name and contact number to enable ‘track and trace’.

Collections: If collecting please try to let the Food Bank know the day/time you are collecting if possible.  When entering the Food bBank please follow the one way signs.  Please use the hand sanitisers provided. A volunteer will then provide the assistance you need whilst maintaining a safe distance. As soon as you have your parcel please leave the Food Bank as quickly as possible.

Symptoms:  If you, or a family member, have been feeling unwell and have any Covid symptoms please do not come to the Food Bank.